Ocean Space Centre – A knowledge centre for future ocean space technology

Norway’s future competitiveness will depend on our ability to participate in knowledge and technology development at international level, which in turn requires us to be capable of assuming a leading global position in research in certain areas. In autumn 2011, MARINTEK completed and submitted a concept study for a future research centre on ocean space technology to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Success in future technological developments demands knowledge, coordinated actions and modern tools. This is the background for our efforts to realise the national knowledge centre for ocean space technology, the Ocean Space Centre. The centre will form part of the national knowledge and innovation infrastructure related to the ocean space.

The objectives of the centre are to:

  • educate future specialists in ocean space technology.
  • ensure that industry and government enjoy access to leading expertise and infrastructure associated with theharvesting and management of our oceans.
  • contribute to effective utilization of national expertiseand knowledge through collaboration with Norwegian andforeign institutions and companies.
  • actively contribute to increased innovation in ocean spacetechnology.

Ocean Space Centre will make Norway an international centre of gravity in ocean space technology, and is a response to growing internationalisation, advances in techno-logy, the custodianship of the environment and the need for advanced technology in the future.
A number of industry organizations and industrial companies have endorsed this future knowledge centre. Stein Lier-Hansen, CEO of the Federation of Norwegian Industries, says: “International competition is fierce and Norway now needs to ensure that our centres of excellence in ocean space technology stay at the leading edge. A modern infrastructure for research and next-generation laboratories will make important contributions to winning new markets, guaranteeing jobs and industrial development, and resolving environmental challenges. This is the background for the Federation of Norwegian Industries’ eagerness to see that the Ocean Space Centre is realised, and that this happens as soon as possible.”

The development of the Ocean Space Centre and the new infrastructure, complemented by the growing collaboration between industry and research institutions at national and international level, will guarantee Norway’s international position, future welfare and competitiveness in the conquest of the ocean.